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ATAF to launch ICT Systems & Informal Sector taxation product

African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) will on June 24, 2021 present the proposed model or framework developed to implement and acquire efficient ICT Tax Systems in Africa, organisers say.

The Model is accompanied by a checklist and assessment tool to monitor the progress of African countries in implementing the proposed solutions.

The tax experts will hold a series of sessions to launch the products. “The objective of this session is to present these tools and suggest how they can be implemented at country level keeping the contextualization in mind. The session also brings to light what needs to be done at policy, legislative and administrative level for an effective appropriation and implementation to take place.”

Another session will present the situational analysis of the taxation of the informal sector in Africa including the inventory of existing taxation programmes. It also presents the Proposed Taxation Model developed for this important sector of the economy, its implementation and the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Tool required to sustain its impact.

The session will premise that an optimal taxation of activities in the informal sector in African countries should consider factors such as: heterogeneity of the sector; holistic approach; knowledge of the sector’s accounting and record keeping systems; simplification of the tax system focused on its rationalisation; culture of good governance; promotion of tax compliance benefits; and introduction of binding tax for “opportunists and free riders” in the informal sector.

In this session, panellists will discuss the value that the ATAF ICT products bring to the field of tax in Africa. They will address questions such as how to keep the products relevant to tax administrations and policymakers, how to use these tools to efficiently acquire, implement and maintain ICT integrated tax systems with minimum costs while retaining control over sources codes for example.

In another session, the panellists will debate various pragmatic ways of implementing the proposed informal sector taxation guidelines in African countries. The main aim of the informal sector taxation guidebook is to offer tax officials and decision makers tools to improve reforms in the management and taxation of this sector. The panellists will address issues and questions such as how the proposed guidelines can be successfully implemented at the administration, institutional and legislative levels.

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