COMESA gets new theme as Summit date is set

COMESA has a new theme to rally action towards implementation of its regional integration programmes for the next one year. The theme: “Deepening business integration to accelerate economic recovery from the negative effects of COVID-19”, will be unveiled during the 21st COMESA Heads of State and Government Summit on November 23, 2021 in Egypt.

The theme was motivated by the emerging regional and global economic and trade dynamics which have impacted heavily on the COMESA regional integration agenda. The outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic has been the most impactful phenomenon, with devastating aftermath on lives and economies. Hence, this theme was developed as a rallying call to Members States on what to focus on.

Since the 2016 Summit, the theme: COMESA: Towards Digital Economic Integration has been running, which has been the longest ever. Normally, the theme runs for one year – from one Summit to the next. However, hosting of the Summit has not followed regular pattern since 2016, leading to the unprecedented five-years-long running theme.

Other previous themes were: ‘Inclusive and sustainable industrialisation’ (2015 – 2016) and ‘Consolidating Intra-COMESA Trade through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development’ (2014 – 2015).

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