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Cooperate With to Produce Vaccines – President Museveni to The Us

President Museveni on Tuesday asked top US government officials to partner with Uganda and other African states to fund and grow commitment towards vaccine production on the bloc. 

As the first speaker from Africa in the Partnering for Sustainable Health Cooperation and Health Security Forum at the ongoing US Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC, Mr Museveni opted that the U.S channels funds into Africa because it would yield cheaper medicines.

“We invite friends and brothers to cooperate with us in the production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for the improvement of global health,” Mr Museveni told attendees who included top US top brass and other partners biased to health matters.

Mr Museveni who was accompanied by Uganda’s health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng also reasoned that this would also strengthen Africa’s footing on the health front. 

“Uganda and Africa are better placed to produce many of the pharmaceuticals on account of the plants that we have in our area. We are also working on developing all types of vaccines needed for humans and livestock. Our scientists have for instance discovered an anti-tick vaccine,” Mr Museveni said.

He decried the strains Uganda weathered through in the pursuit for vaccines to insulate Ugandans from the Covid-19 when the pandemic struck in 2019.

His call was supported by Botswana leader Mokgweetsi Masisi, who observed that Africa boosts of a young and talented workforce eager to support the continent’s efforts to insulate populations from deadlier effects of pandemics and or other health threats.

“We as a region have the requisite human capital and research institutions which could be scaled up with the support and collaboration of our development partners. It is the reason why we are here. We seek your partnerships at the governmental level,” Mr Masisi remarked. 

$215million for Covid fight in Africa

In the lead up to the clarion call by President Museveni, the Secretary, US Department of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra announced that Washington was offering up to $215million to address Covid-19 in Africa.

According to Becerra, the funds will among other things, be used to “accelerate wide spread and equitable access to and delivery of safe and effective Covid-19 vaccinations, reducing mobility and mortality from Coronavirus.”

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