Covid-19 funds: Shs1.3b goes missing in key gov’t agencies, Ministry of Health leads

Seventeen key government agencies have failed to account for about Shs1.3 billion that was meant to combat Covid-19, the Auditor General John Muwanga says in his latest report that shows the Ministry of Health leading in unaccounted funds.

“I reviewed the Covid-19 expenditure records and noted that funds amounting to UGX.1.318bn (0.5%) remained unaccounted for …17 entities at the time of reporting,” he says.

Some of the entities that have failed to account for the money are: National citizenship and Immigration control (Shs13, 450, 0002)

Ministry of Health (Shs 745,318,000)

Kamuli DLG (Shs 80, 000, 0003) 

LUWERO DLG (Shs70, 708, 0004) 

Pallisa DLG (Shs69, 380, 0005) 

Amuru DLG (Shs67, 256, 0006) 

Kotido DLG (Shs 60, 000, 0007)

Amudat DLG (Shs 37, 957, 3008) 

FortPortal RRH (Shs 35, 013, 5009) 

Kyegegwa DLG (Shs 24, 627, 50010) 

Moroto DLG (Shs 24, 590, 15011) 

Agago DLG (23, 960, 00012) 

Abim DLG (Shs 22, 073, 00013) 

Manafwa DLG (Shs 14, 705, 14914) 

Serere District (Shs 12, 940, 00015) 

Alebtong DLG (Shs 8, 900, 00016) 

Karenga DLG (Shs 7, 040, 00017) 

The report is in respect of the Shs311 billion comprising of Shs.284 billion disbursed to the ministries, departments and agencies and districts, and Shs27.23 billion released from the Contingency Fund.

According to Muwanga, failure to account for funds was attributed to the peculiar circumstances of the pandemic and lockdown measures which affected the operations of the entities and thus the ability to prepare and present the accountabilities. “Without sufficient accountabilities, I was unable to confirm the authenticity and accuracy of the purported expenditure incurred by the different entities. I advised the concerned Accounting Officers to follow up on all pending accountabilities and ensure that all expended funds are fully accounted for, failure of which the funds should be recovered.”

The report comes out at the time when the government requires about USD900 million to continue fighting covid-19 in the next three years.

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