#Covid-19: Museveni reinstates lockdown for 42 days

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reinstated a temporary lockdown following the surging numbers of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Museveni said this during presidential address on Covid-19 in the country. Currently 52929 confirmed cases in the country including 374 deaths.

During the address, Museveni gave stringent measures to curb the spread of covid-19 pandemic. The measures included the suspension of various activities in the country.

“We are working to see everyone vaccinated against the virus. Over 700 people have been vaccinated. Government is in the process of procuring 300,000 doses of vaccines,” he said.

“We want to get Chinese, Russian and American vaccines. Because India is strained due to surging numbers of people,”he said

Museveni ordered for closure of all schools, Churches, public and cultural gatherings for 42 days effective from tomorrow June 7, 2021. He ordered for vaccination of all teachers before letting them into schools.

In tandem, he ordered he suspended all inter district movements except in Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso. The president limited burial and wedding ceremonies to only 20 people.

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