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Covid-19: Over 30 per cent of students in St. Mary’s Lacor training hospital Gulu test positive

The Minister of State for Primary Healthcare, Joyce Moriku Kaducu has assured the country that the government is handling the Covid-19 outbreak in St. Mary’s Hospital, Lacor.

She said that a response team from the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation has been sent to respond to the situation.

“The country is faced with a second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. Yesterday, we carried out tests and registered 54 positive cases. Out of these, Gulu alone registered 42,” she said.

Moriku said that following the outbreak in Lacor, the government is now putting interventions in all nursing  and secondary schools to mitigate further spread of the virus.

“When we carried out inspections after institutions of learning opened, we discovered that Standard Operating Procedures were being observed but over time, learners have stopped observing them,” she said.

The Minister pledged to ensure the SOPs are enforced saying that students who are infected have been isolated and dormitories and classrooms fumigated.

Moriku’s reassurance follows a matter of national importance raised by Gulu Municipality MP, Hon Lyndro Komaketch who warned that if the situation is not contained, the virus will spread in the whole Northern region.

“30 percent of the students in St. Mary’s Lacor training hospital have tested positive to the Covid-19. There is an alarm for urgent response,” Komaketch said.

He advised the Ministry of Health to have a rapid response intervention to the situation.

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