DETAILS! Homosexuality Feud Sparked Budo Fire

On Tuesday morning fire gutted Grace House, one of the girls’ dormitory at King’s College Budo in Wakiso District. The fire is said to have started while students were already in class for morning prep.

However, the cause of the fire until today had not yet been established. Details reaching our desk suggest that the fire was actually caused by the school’s own students who had been expelled because of a homosexuality feud with another student.

According to Campus Bee, the largest campus news portal in the country, about six students had been expelled from the school for beating up a male student who was believed to be engaging in homosexuality acts, prior to the fire.

A police source disclosed to Daily Monitor that the students were annoyed with the school administration for expelling their colleagues and yet no action was taken against the one they said deserved to be punished. 

More reports indicate that  since the expulsion of the students, three other minor fires have happened at the school, although these didn’t receive widespread media coverage.

According to Patrick Bakka Male, the school’s Head Teacher, the school did not take the three minor fires seriously because they didn’t cause any damage. 

“Yes, there were those fires. It is possible we didn’t take them seriously. The burning (fires) happened in places we didn’t expect until this big one,”  Bakka said.

Bakka  also confirmed that they expelled students, most of whom were in Senior Six, for beating up their colleague over suspected sodomy. The Head Teacher further explained that the  students did not have evidence that the accused was involved in homosexuality, adding that there is no evidence that proves the fire was started by angry students.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, they are still investigating the cause of the Tuesday inferno. 

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