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Dr.Ian Clarke Appointed CTI Global East Africa Board Chairman

Michael Landau, the founder and Executive Chairman of CTI Global, has appointed Dr. Ian Clarke as chairman of the advisory board of CTI for East Africa.

The announcement comes as CTI Africa is expanding its international presence, especially in Uganda and the region.

“Dr. Clarke’s unique mix of experience in healthcare, education, agribusiness, and both public and private enterprises make him an ideal match with CTI’s interest in growing our business, as part of our on-going commitment to the well-being of the people of East Africa,” said Landau.

Commenting on his new position, Dr. Clarke said, “CTI is a visionary social impact enterprise and I am excited at the prospect of helping East African communities improve the health and well-being of their citizens through smartphones, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and other technologies.”

CTI Global’s mission is to accelerate emerging economies with fresh economic and social possibilities, by leveraging technology and innovation in healthcare, agriculture, and financial inclusion.

As a facilitator of progress and an ecosystem enabler, CTI brings public and private institutions together with governments, to unlock synergies that empower communities and build stronger nations.

Their divisions include LifeHealth, LifeGrow, and LifePay.

Dr. Clarke is a renowned physician, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who has lived and worked in Uganda for over 30 years.

He is the founder of the Kiwoko Hospital in the Luwero District, which includes a school of nursing and lab technology.

In 2008, he also founded Clarke International University in Kampala, which originated as a health sciences college and now includes a business school and IT faculty at its new Tank Hill campus.

In 2015, Dr. Clarke established the Clarke Junior School, with the aim of moving the paradigm of education in Uganda from a knowledge-based format to the development of critical thinking.

He is also the head of Clarke Group, Ltd,  an enterprise that spans the agribusiness, education, hospitality, and healthcare sectors, including the International Hospital in Kampala, a 100-bed private hospital that is a part of the International Medical Group, the largest private healthcare group in Uganda.

In addition to his medical, educational, and philanthropic activities, Dr. Clarke is the current chairman of the Uganda Healthcare Federation, representing the country’s private health sector, and most recent Chairman of the East Africa Healthcare Federation, an umbrella body that promotes integration and innovation to improve overall health standards in the region.

He holds degrees in medicine, surgery, and obstetrics; a diploma in Tropical Medicine; and a Master’s in Public Health for Developing Countries.

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