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First-ever Meeting of COMESA Ministers of Youth Affairs Held

The inaugural meeting of COMESA ministers of youth affairs took place today. The ministers reviewed and adopted a report of technical officials who met last week who came up with a number of recommendations on the implementation of the COMESA Youth Programme. 

The implementation of the programme is expected deepen youth participation in socio-economic development and democratic governance. Among the reports adopted for implementation were the findings of the baseline studies on youth in Member States, which is aimed at providing a framework for analyzing the opportunities and challenges that young people face regarding their participation in socio-economic development and democratic governance.

The ministers also approved a framework to assist Members States to develop their annual reports on youth engagement, participation and policies. The reports will enable COMESA to develop an annual regional report on youth.

Egyptian Minister of Youth, Dr Ashraf Sobhy chaired the meeting. Rwanda Minister of Youth, Rosemary Mbabazi, COMESA Secretary General Chileshe Kapwepwe, African Union/African Governance Architecture representative Ms, Hagar Azzoz and International Trade Centre representative Ms. Ludmila Azo addressed the over 70 delegates from the 21 Member States that attended the meeting.

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