Former FUFA President Haji Twaha Kakaire has passes on

The 24th FUFA President Haji Twaha Kakaire has passed on. His death was confirmed by the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA)

The Ex- President  supported the birth of the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme in 1998, introduced the Serie-A and Serie-B league arrangement for the Uganda Premier League.

During his reign FUFA secured its first major sponsorship from Nile Breweries Limited, under the Nile Special brand in 1997.

A colossal sportsperson,among the pioneers of a team called Jinja Youngsters.

In 1978, Jinja Youngsters merged with Nytil and Kakaire became the club’s team manager. This is the team that discovered one of Uganda’s most lethal strikers in Issa Sekatawa.

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