Girls out compete boys in 2021 UACE exams

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has revealed that girls have out competed their counterparts, boys in the just released Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) exams. The revelation was made by Dan Nokrach Odongo, Executive Director of UNEB.

Female candidates performed better than their male counterparts at the principal level pass (A-E) in Arts (Humanities), Mathematics and Physics. Male candidates were better in Agriculture, Chemistry, Biology, Art, and General Paper.

According to results, Female entries for the Sciences and Mathematics have remained far lower than that of the males. Only 26.7% sat for Mathematics, 6.9% for Physics, 13.2% for Chemistry; and 12.3% for Biology

98,392candidates registered for the 2020 UACE examination from 1,952 centres compared to 104,476 candidates from 2,094 centres in 2019. This is a decrease of 6,084 candidates. Candidates appeared for the examinations were 97,490, compared to 103,429 in 2019, a decrease of 5,989 candidates.

“At the minimum two Principals level required for University admission, 68,013 candidates (69.8%) qualify, which is 2,290 more than in 2019. In cases where one Principal and two Subsidiary passes levels are considered for admission to other tertiary institutions, 89.3% of the candidates will qualify.” Odong said

He said candidates who scored grades A and B demonstrated high levels of knowledge of the subject matter and were able to handle tasks that required high order skills. Their work in the practical examination papers also showed ability to manipulate apparatus, ability to record observations correctly reflecting the accuracy level of the instruments used, and ability to manipulate the data generated correctly.

“Candidates at lower levels demonstrated adequate basic mastery of the subject matter. Their performance was undermined by misunderstanding of questions, inability to explain, interpret, and offer logical arguments or illustrations and specific examples to qualify their answers. Better answers were seen in parts of questions that are more direct. Some zero scores were recorded in many papers.” he said

In Economics and Entrepreneurship Education, candidates showed lack of knowledge in the vital concepts of Taxation and the Stock market. There is evidence that many teachers are either also deficient in these areas, or do not teach the topics due to inadequate syllabus coverage.

At the releasing of Exams, the minister for education Janet Museveni congratulated all students who passed the exams and encouraged them to grab all the available opportunities at University, tertiary and other areas of training.

“I was pleased to hear that those parents whose daughters had become pregnant, committed to return them to school at the earliest opportunity after they had delivered. That determination gives me the hope that those learners who did not return to school at this level for various reasons will still return to school to continue with their education. I want to encourage them to do so because our education system does offer a second chance to all who want to take that chance.” she said

She promised that vaccination campaigns will soon be extended to schools and other learning institutions for the government to fully open schools for learners.

“I have engaged with the Minister of Health; and she agreed that when the next consignment of vaccines arrives, vaccination posts shall be extended to schools, universities, and tertiary institutions. We hope that this will reduce the congestion at the current Centres where COVID-19 vaccines are being offered. Therefore, I urge our teachers to do this for yourselves, for the children that you teach, and for your own families. The sooner we get many of you vaccinated, the sooner we will re-open our Education Institutions of Learning.” She said 

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