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‘I am alive and kicking’-Yvonne Chaka Chaka denounces death claims

Earlier this month, unknown individual(s) set up a fake GoFund me account where the claimed legendary vocalist and ‘Umqombothi’ star, Yvonne Chaka Chaka had passed on. The South African star has since come out to refute these claims, warning her fans against falling for the scam.

‘Some fool posted my obituary and even asked people to contribute in a go fund me acc. For my burial?? How mean can you be,’ she tweeted in disbelief.  Although she was shocked at the news of her own death, Chaka Chaka said she couldn’t help but laugh when she first heard of the news from a friend in Los Angeles California via email concerned she had fallen ill.

The scammers who haven’t yet been identified posted the fake news on popular GoFundme website where they asked for support in organizing an obituary for the veteran singer. “We grieve with the family of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, we see how demoralizing they could be at this moment.” the statement read

Fortunately, the scam was unraveled before they could cash in after the artist publically sent out a disclaimer on her social media pages: “So to the devil I am alive and kicking I am going nowhere. Thankyou all for the love and support. Don’t fund Evil.”

However, this has not reduced the risks and dangers that cybercrime still poses to billions of internet users worldwide as many continue to fall prey to such scams. The page has been taken down after it was reported but Chaka Chaka and many others are questioning why Google would allow to run such an ad without checking the authenticity of the story first.

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