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Jim Muhwezi’s speaks on corruption, sparks outrage

Ugandans have asked the Member of Parliament for Rujumbura, retired Major General Jim Muhwezi to turn himself into police after he dared to comment on the state of corruption within the country. Speaking on NBS television the retired soldier was asked on what he thought about the state affairs in regards to corruption scandals to which he replied that he thought it had been ‘politicized.’

“Corruption is something I think about because it’s a problem for society. The problem is it is politicized.” he said. The MP went ahead to explain that corruption is not carried out by only one person but several others and that despite the various institutions set up to fight it, corruption will not go away.

However, Ugandans would have none of it as many were quick to point out that the retired soldier was in fact a corrupt individual himself. Alluding to his past schematics, Ugandans chastised the former head of ISO and reminded him of his own corruption scandal  back in 2007 when he and two other officials embezzled money form The Global Fund Trust that was aimed to fight AIDs and Tuberculosis in Uganda.

“This is the greatest joke of 2021. The master of corruption is giving advice on how to stop corruption?” said one Raymond Mukama, while others urged for the MP to turn himself in first if he was to be taken seriously.

Since the introduction of the Anti-Corruption Unit, a number of corrupt officials and institutions have been brought to book although many still believe and claime that this is only targeted towards small fish while the big game players stay at large. Since his win in the latest elections, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has promised to crack down on corrupt officials and Members of Parliament who serve only for themselves.

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