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Livestock Movement in Kiruhura District Banned Over Foot and Mouth Disease

Kiruhura district has announced a total ban on the sale and movement of livestock in a bid to contain the spread of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD).

In a letter addressed to the sub-county chairpersons, town clerks and extension workers, Charles Kiberu, the Kiruhura district chief administrative officer says that farmers have continued to sell livestock and their products to traders who move animals at night.

Kiberu says to fill the gaps, the district task force has decided to put a total quarantine on any animal movement and animal products within and outside the district with immediate effect.

Abel Rutemba, a farmer in Kiruhura welcomes the total quarantine saying that it has valid reasons to minimize the spread of FMD in trying to limit the movement of milk vendors who move from home to home collecting milk.

Olive Komugasho, a milk vendor, says despite the increase in FMD she opposes the total ban, noting that it will affect their businesses.

Dr Grace Asiimwe, Kiruhura district veterinary officer says they managed to vaccinate about 5,000 cattle. He adds that they are waiting for more vaccines from the ministry of Agriculture.

This is the third time a total quarantine has been placed in Kiruhira district due to foot and mouth disease. Meanwhile, the Agriculture ministry has also halted the movement of animals from and within one sub-county in Sheema district.

This follows suspected FMD that has been detected in the Kyangyenyi sub county in the three farms in the parishes of Kagongi and Muzira.

FMD was first detected in the five districts of Kazo, Ibanda, Kiruhura, Mbarara City and Sheema. An infected animal presents with blisters on the mouth and foot, loss of appetite, fever and a drop in milk production.

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