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Magufuli died in Dar-es-Salam Hospital-Suluhu

The Tanzanian president His Excellency John Pombe Magufuli has passed on at the age of 61 while receiving treatment in a hospital in Dar-es-Salam. The Vice President Samia Suluhu confirmed this in a live Television coverage where she said the president died on Wednesday at 6pm after suffering a heart complication.

The President’s absence from the spotlight for almost two weeks sparked interest on the state of his health, most believed him to be ill with Covid-19 despite the government’s efforts to ridicule such claims; assuring citizens of the leaders good health and competence.

Opposition leader Tindu Lissu also recently spoke to the BBC where he claimed the president was indeed ailing and had been so for quite sometime, battling with the virus.

Dubbed the ‘Iron fist’ Magufuli came into office in 2015 and moved to radically reform the government and its various institutions within the country in a measure to clean up the corruption that threatened the country’s development.

The strong willed politician also came under scrutiny for his government’s lackluster response to the covid-19 outbreak that claimed the lives of millions worldwide. Doubting the severity of the situation, Magufuli adamantly refused to adhere to medical or scientific reason and instead opted for herbal and therapeutic measures to curb the spread among Tanzanians.

One of a kind, Magufuli has left a mark on many Tanzanian and East African Lives alike as many continue to mourn and share their grievances of his passing. He will be succeeded by Samia Suluhu his former vice president. More details to follow.

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