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‘Magufuli hospitalized with Covid.’-Tindu Lissu

According to Tanzania’s opposition leader, Tindu Lissu, the Tanzanian President, John Magufuli has been hospitalized in Nairobi, Kenya after he contracted the Corona Virus. These reports come in after the President has not been sighted in public for 12 days, prompting the Opposition to demand for reports on his health.

Although the reports have not been verified by the government nor the presidential team, Lissu claims that the 61 year old President suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be rushed to a Kenyan Hospital where he has been since, battling the deadly virus according to the BBC.

Nick named “The Bulldozer” largely due to the firm hand with which he has dealt with his government, Magufuli has come under the scrutiny on several occasions for his ‘mishandling’ of the covid-19 outbreak within the country leading to a rather lack-luster attitude towards the airborne disease.  

By Further refusing to acquire the vaccines, and instead opting for prayers and herbal infused steam to battle the virus; he not only put the lives of his citizens at risk but also endangered his own as fate would have it. Ironically earlier this month the President declared victory over the virus and assured the country would defeat again this year despite the lack of any medical records or tracking of the corona virus and its patients. The Government has warned against the publishing of any unverified information concerning the President and his health, however this has only served to further fuel the rumors of deteriorating health.

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