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Military coup in Gabon denies Bongo 3rd victory

Despite the results of the recently concluded election, the Gabonese army on Wednesday took to the National Television where they announced the takeover of government and ‘putting an end to the current regime’

The recent coup in Gabon that denied His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon his third term, was televised across the Nation where one military officer flanked by the same, spoke on behalf of the army, making it clear that all institutions of  government had been dissolved. “Today, the country is going through a serious institutional, political, economic and social crisis.” He added.

This came moments after the National Election Authority  had declared Bongo the official winner of Saturday night’s election. Bongo, who has been power for over 14 years had also been accused of fraud and claimed to be the rightful winner of the presidential elections.

This was further echoed by the military army who claimed to have come out to defend the country’s peace after it was found that the election was not fair and did not represent the wishes of the citizens of Gabon.

Although gunshots were heard in the City’s capital, videos surfacing online show the neitizens of the capital freely celebrating with army officers on the streets. The President is yet to make an announcement on the recent developments and the situation still remains unclear as many await reports from the Oil-rich country. China has also gone ahead to call for the guarantee of Bongo’s safety.

More details to follow…

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