Ministry of Works and Transport unveils newly rehabilitated M.V Pamba

Today the state Minister for Transport, Honorable Joy Kabatsi officially unveiled the rehabilitated Motor Vessel Pamba. The function that took place in Port Bell, Luzira was attended by the Minister together with her team, Representatives of Mangotree Group and Engineers who toured the newly furnished vessel and deliberated on the final touches that would see the ship on the waters by the end of June.

“There was a collision in 2005, with another ship called M.V Kabalega. Since then these ships have been sunk at the bottom of the lake until recently when we allowed the Private Sector to get involved in the rehabilitation of M.V Pamba.” said the Minister who also believes that the development of water transport will greatly reduce on the destruction of Uganda’s new roads.

The Chinese investment Group MangoTree, took over the vessel’s revamp last year, investing a total of $3.5 million (UGX 12.8 billion) in the process. ‘We have fixed the heart(engine) of the vessel. We also faced setbacks because the vessel has been immobilized; if it had been moving we would have been able to detect and fix problems much faster’ explained Mr. Gege Moa-MangoTree

Hon Kabatsi on tour of the M.V Pamba.-Wilfred Sanya

Besides the engine, the newly refurbished vessel was also equipped with more and better firefighting equipment as well as a new paint job from top to bottom. Officials assured the Minister that the vessel would be complete and functioning by the end of June.

M.V Pamba is one of three cargo motor vessels in Uganda including M.V Kaawa and M.V Kabalega that still stays sunken at the bottom of Lake Victoria. M.V Pamba will be able to transport more than 20 wagons weighing 40 tonnes each in just one trip. The ship will be used to transport cargo between Mwanza and Kisumu in efforts to reduce road traffic at many border points.

Although the Ministry’s auditors are yet to confirm the official figures, the ugx13billion invested in the process of reinstating the M.V Pamba is expected to be paid back through charges on transportation of Cargo aboard the ship. The Minister believes that M.V Pamba will be able to generate the income to pay back the loan from MangoTree Group within five years.

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