Museveni condemns the attack on Gen Katumba Wamala’s Life

President Yoweri Museveni has condemned that attempt on the former Commander of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Katumba Wamala’s Life.

General is admitted to Medipal International Hospital after being shot at by unknown gunmen who were riding on motor bikes along Kisota road in Kisaasi. The shootout led to the death of his daughter Brenda Wamala and their driver.

“The pigs who do not value life shot at Gen. Katumba killed his daughter and driver and injured him.  I talked to Gen. Katumba twice on the phone. He is being well-managed. I wish Gen. Katumba a quick recovery.” the president said

Museveni sent his heartfelt condolences to the two families for the loss of the two Ugandans.  He said the bodyguard should not have shot in the air but shot and kill the assailants.

 “We could be having a dead terrorist instead of scaring away the terrorists. His shooting saved Gen. Katumba by scaring the criminals away. However, killing one or more of the terrorists would have done the same and more.” He said

Earlier Gen Wamala said; “I will be fine, but bad guys have killed Brenda. Brenda did nothing to this world but the bad guys have taken her life,”

 “The bad guys have done it but God has given me a second chance. I will be fine. I’m with the doctors and they are doing everything possible. I love you guys but please pray for mummy because she’s in a terrible state.” he said at the hospital

During the incident, Gen Wamala and his bodyguard sustained injuries especially on their upper parts of the body.

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