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NBS TV apologises for ACENG-VACCINE mixup

Yesterday a video that circulated on the internet, depicting a compromising situation in which the Health Minister, Jane Ruth Aceng pretended to receive the Covid-19 Vaccine. The Minister has since come out to set the record straight with footage of her own-actually taking the vaccination jab like champion.

“For those deliberately trying to convince the public that I was not vaccinated against Covid-19 yesterday, take a look at the video below. I was vaccinated using the Astra-Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine during the #CovidvaccinationUg launch. Please stop spreading fake news.” she tweeted.

Taking the blame, NBS Television has since come out to clarify that the Health Minister did indeed, take the Covid-19 vaccine and that it was an error on their part to have used the demo footage instead of the actual footage proving the Minister had been vaccinated.

Like the Minister, many Ugandans feel that journalism in Uganda lacks the professionalism and integrity that is required to build trust amongst the people but instead they continue to fail the public repeatedly, further widening the gaps within the media sector.

Evelyn Lirri, a journalist by profession had this to say “We need a high level of honesty on the side of Journalists. Also, time keeping is often poor for events based stories. That’s how you end up asking a Minister to re-do a vaccination demo for a vaccine she has already taken. See what its causing now.”

The Astra-Zeneca vaccine that was acquired at $7 per dose-Ministry of Health

The right to freedom of speech is one that has been abused violently by both the state and the citizens alike. During the election period, the government of Uganda turned off all internet connections in a move to curb the dissemination of wrong information. Only recently MTV Annual Music Awards were postponed due to security threats that weren’t actually true, let alone the numerous photo shopped images and videos of carnage and turmoil.

Little has been achieved in the fight against fake news but this has not forced the government to stop. By forcing media companies to register with Uganda Communications Commission, the media fraternity can be held accountable for playing a role in any kind of miscommunication albeit jokingly.

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