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Nike sues Company behind Satanic Shoes

In recent developments, Nike has sued MSCHF, the company behind the production of the recently released ‘blood shoes’ that were promoted by American rapper, Montero Lamar aka Lil Nas X. The shoes that contain a drop of real human blood in the soles are a modified version of the Nike Air Max 97s.

Released over the weekend, the controversial shoes have drawn a lot of backlash from conservatives and critics who blame Nike for endorsing such ‘blatant occultism’ in the first place. The company has since come out deny any involvement in a statement released on Monday: “We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF. Nike did not design or release these shoes, and we do not endorse them.”

Nike has also decided to sue for trademark infringement claiming that the MSCHF Company purchases the shoes and then applies its own creative modifications before being resold. They claim the company has tricked many of its customers into believing they approved the satanic shoes by choosing to leave their logo in place.

Despite the cultural war surrounding the bloody shoes, they sold out in less than a minute after their official release on Monday. Black in color, the shoes also don a pentagram decoration and the biblical verse Luke 10:18 that alludes to Satan’s fall from grace.

The Satanic Shoes released by MSCHF

A step too far, many have called for the boycott of Nike products after it was discovered that the satanic shoes contained human blood drawn from six employees of the MSCHF staff and mixed with ink. In 2019, the same company released the ‘Jesus shoes’ that contained holy water from the River Jordan and sold at $4000.

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