No More Games, Time for Begging MPs is Over President Museveni Warns

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has warned the incoming 11th parliament that he’s tired of begging MPs to do their work of appropriating the required funds for government projects. 
Speaking Wednesday at Ngoma Government Farm in Luweero district while closing a three-week retreat of the newly elected ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), Museveni said the time of begging parliament to fund priority projects is over. 

 “Of course we get a lot of delays by this parliament – the other parliament whatever they call it. What is it 10 or 20th, what? It has been delaying. You see sometimes I’m polite because I didn’t want to cause political problems for people who belong to the same party as myself. So that’s why I don’t talk so much, but this must stop! Everybody must do his work, I’m here in two capacities – an elected President of Uganda, repeatedly, but also the leader of the Resistance Movement. So I really want no more games. We have the capacity to say no to everybody, and when we say no, we mean no. Power project has been going on, am begging as if I want people to build my house,” Museveni angrily said.

Museveni’s statement followed a presentation by Dr Margret Samio-Kahwa, a Makerere University professor who discovered a vaccine that prevents ticks in cattle. In her presentation, Kahwa asked the government to help her fund her project to build a factory that will manufacture the vaccine in Uganda. She said she needs about Shs 22 billion to accomplish the task.

Museveni wondered why parliament was frustrating such an invention that if implemented would not only solve farmer’s problems, but would also fetch foreign exchange for the country as the vaccines would be sold to neighbouring countries. Museveni also urged the MPs to help him solve the problem of land evictions adding that it’s one of the biggest challenges facing his government.

He promised to assist any leader who engages in the fight against evictions for as long as he/she doesn’t politicize it.

“In Buganda here, there was this woman of Mityana, [Judith] Nabakooba that girl was fighting land evictions and her work was very much appreciated. They cheated her votes, we know how they cheated her votes because our system was also very lax but she was doing a very good job. She’s very much appreciated. So politically, where you’re, you stand – not cheap popularity because that was my problem with [former junior Lands minister Idah] Nantaba. Nantaba was fighting for the landless, but she also added on cheap popularity, even the ones who were telling lies, she would support them. No. No. No. Don’t support people who are telling lies, only support genuine people,” Museveni added. 

In what seemed like a veiled attack on the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga who has always called for her role to be appreciated by NRM, Museveni said his party has the capacity to say no to anybody. He also called on the NRM MPs to mobilize against anybody who wants to disrupt the peace that he said Ugandans are enjoying. He said those who are calling for demonstrations especially in Kampala are enemies of development.

“You need peace in the country and in order to do that you must be very very firm against the trouble makers – these who want to promote demonstrations. You should mobilise very strongly against them,” Museveni added. 

NRM MPs at Kyankwanzi

Meanwhile, the NRM caucus has disagreed with the president’s proposal to cancel foreign trips for MPs and other government officials. The ban had been listed as one of the resolutions that the retreat had adopted but the MPs-elect unanimously refused to endorse it, prompting Museveni to agree to pause the proposal until it’s discussed exhaustively in another caucus meeting.

“We are going to discuss in the caucus, the issue of visiting; the issue of being Ferdinand Magellan who went around circumnavigating the world. We shall discuss it when we are not drunk when we are sober and see the way forward,” Museveni said.


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