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Ugandan MP on the spot for leaking his girlfriend’s nudes

The MP who hails from Eastern Uganda shared nude pictures in his friends WhatsApp group telling them how he got a juicy bae. The MP has since denied sharing pictures of his new catch to Ogwang 4 Chairman Omolo WhatsApp group and few of his friends.  

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The MP claims that his account was hacked and the hackers posted and shared nudes to various groups he subscribes to.

“My account was hacked yesterday and someone posted nude pictures and not me. I have reported the matter to the relevant authorities and should you continue forwarding the same, you do it at your own peril,” he said adding that “this should be my opponents trying to blackmail me.”

Tech experts have since said WhatsApp can’t be hacked unlike other social media platforms.

“The application is built with end -to-end encryption. With end-to-end encryption, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents are safe unless when logged on to the computer and you fail to log out or when you lose your phone, in other words no one can tap or listen to your calls,” Web and Apps developer said.

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