Police identifies victims of Masaka-Mbarara Highway Crash

A fatal accident that claimed the lives of 14 passengers earlier today along the Mbarara-Masaka Highway has left mnay citizens devastated and families in shock. The accident that involved a Mercedes Trailer truck and Taxi Van occurred at 7 am when the truck tried to overtake on the wrong side of the road.

In latest developments the Police has been able to identify some of the deceased of the accident and has proceeded to share the particulars of each individual for public identification:

  1. Nakalule Shadia, a female juvenile resident of Kasambya Village, Mateete Sub County Sembabule District.
  2. Nankya Maimuna, a 70 year old resident of Kasambya Village, Mateete Subcounty Sembabule District.
  3. Nakitto Maimuna a 20 year old resident of Kasambya Village, Sembabule District.
  4. Musasizi Moses a 28 year old, a Burundian National Resident of Bininkiliro Village Sembabule District.
  5. Magero Moses a 49 year old resident of Kasana Village Mawoogola Sub County Sembabule District.
  6. Mwanje Abubaker a 40 year old male, a Rwandan National Resident of Mateete town Council Sembabule District.
  7. Kisawuzi Bernard a male juvenile aged 10 years, a resident of Manyama B Zone Mateete town, Sembabule District.
  8. Matuusa Sara a 25 year old female resident of Mateete town, Sembabule District.
  9. Kateete Francis a 58 year old resident of Mateete Subcounty, Sembabule District.
  10. Mudiiba Sharim a female juvenile aged 14 years and a resident of Salama Munyonyo, Kampala District.
  11. Natasha Rita aged 18 years and a resident of Bamwede LC1 Sembabule District.

One victim remains in critical condition at Masaka Regional Hospital where they are still undergoing treatment.

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