Police launch online application for Certificate of Good Conduct

The Directorate of Interpol Uganda has launched an online system to ease the process of acquiring certificates of good conduct by applicants in Uganda.

The Uganda Police Force is mandated under section 2 and 3 of the identification of the offenders Act Cap 119 (1960) and Police Act Cap. 303 (2006) as amended to take and keep criminal records of all persons who have committed crime.

Increasingly, to protect and guard their interest from criminal elements, Countries and Organizations all over the world have over time put additional measures to identify and apprehend criminals. Such measures include the taking of fingerprints which are used for national identification, issuance of passports, visas, employment, joining academic institutions etc.

Cognizant of the threat of the spread of COVID -19 and to minimize congestion at the Directorate of INTERPOL Headquarters’ which is mandated to issue certificates of good conduct, the Uganda Police launched online services effective 17th May 2021.

This is being done with the aim of reducing overcrowding at the Directorate of INTERPOL and International Relations, reducing the time spent in the process of acquiring certificates of good conduct, and helping the applicants to track and know the status of their applications.

A letter of good conduct is a document that police issue to a person indicating that they have no criminal record and it expires after 6 months.

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