President Museveni Fronts Uganda’s Priorities in Visit to UAE

President Museveni yesterday held the first batch of meetings in Abu Dhabi as part of engagements scheduled in his three-day official visit to the country.

The President, who arrived in the country on Sunday, is expected to hold several high-level meetings with investors and leaders in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as attend the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Summit on matters of climate and social-economic development.

According to Mr Museveni, his first engagement on the Arab land yesterday was meeting a number of investors and other stakeholders whom he christened as ‘friends of Uganda’ to discuss the investment opportunities back home.

Through his Twitter handle, the President said the discussions revolved around Uganda’s need for value addition to the raw materials produced in the Pearl of Africa.

“Held meetings with various investors and friends of Uganda upon my arrival in Abu Dhabi, UEA. I discussed with them our needs to value addition…” he tweeted in part.

On various fora, the President has often stressed the need for value addition, especially to agricultural products such as Coffee, maize and leather.

While launching the coffee industrial hub and coffee cooperative farmers’ expo in Ntungamo District last year, Mr Museveni vowed to fight anyone standing in the way of value addition, promising to disregard the MPs decision to terminate the Uganda Vinci Coffee Limited deal.

With his hosts in UAE, the President also discussed the business opportunities in Uganda accompanied by the investment incentives offered by his government. He also proffered his gratitude to the business community in Abu Dhabi, saying they are ready to do business with Uganda.

“I am happy that they (investors in Abu Dhabi) see the potential of doing business with us (Uganda),” he tweeted. Mr Museveni will also meet the President of UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and ruler of Abu Dhabi to discuss several issues before the end of his trip.

This is Mr Museveni’s first cross-border official visit this year and his priorities are not so different from those presented in his trip to Vietnam, which he undertook last month.

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