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Schools to be Reopened on 6th February, 2023 – Government

Government has released the academic calendar for 2023 and warned schools heads against breaching this calendar, especially schools that break off for holidays before the official time.

After breaking off for third term holidays on 25th November this year, learners will have to spend two months home before reporting back for the first term in 2023.

All this is in a bid to avert the ravaging Ebola Virus that has seen two districts get lockdown and many lives lost.

The first term is therefore scheduled to begin on February 6 2023 and end on May 5, approximately to 12 weeks.

The arrangement marks a shift from this year’s learning schedule where schools terms lasted 14 weeks for to try recover time lost during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni addressing the media advised parents to keep their children safe and guard them against Ebola and pregnancies during the coming long holidays.

“All parents should try their level best in protecting their children from getting pregnant in this holiday like what happened in the Covid-19 lockdown and also protect them from the deadly virus,” Janet Museveni said.

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