Scientists To Be Honoured As Uganda Prepares To Mark World Science Day for Peace and Development

Uganda will join the rest of the world to celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development that falls on November 10th every year, according to Dr. Monica Musonera, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MST and I)

Dr. Musenero announced the government’s position on Tuesday in Kampala while addressing the media on issues concerning Science, Technology and Innovations Awards in Uganda.

She said Uganda, like other countries, has been celebrating National Science Week (NSW) preceding the World Science day since 2009 through the stewardship of Uganda National Council of Science and Technology.

She said NSW will bring together innovators -Academia, researchers, Business community, students, Community innovators and other professionals from different places that can contribute to the development of the National ST&I sector.

World Science Day for Peace and Development was initiated by the United Nations Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in a bid to recognise and promote science and technology in the advancement of societies since 1937

“The Government of Uganda recognizes the critical role of Science, technology and Innovation as vital drivers for socio-economic development and transformation. This recognition is reflected in the National Constitution, Vision 2040, National Development Plan III, National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2020, Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy for Uganda,” said Musonera.

This year’s celebration, she said, has been aligned to the new paradigm of positioning STI to drive the science-led socio-economic transformation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry in partnership with the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) is organising the Uganda Science Innovators’ Awards to celebrate Ugandans’ innovation efforts and inspire young innovators to activate their abilities and contribute to the technology development of the country.

The Awards have been positioned to align with the National Science Week and the World Science Day for Peace and Development. President Yoweri Museveni is expected to be the guest of honor at the Awards ceremony on November 10, 2021.

Winners will receive cash prizes geared at supporting them to improve their prototypes, register Intellectual Property (IP) and support their incubation leading to commercialisation.

Award Categories

Pathogen Economy: The award in this category will go to the innovators with innovations targeting disease control and management. The innovations will include; vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, biomedical ICT and Equipment.

Engineering: This award will aim at recognizing innovators with technology related innovations in renewable energy, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering as well as civil engineering and chemical engineering among others.

Mobility Economy: The award recognizes innovations that augment the national mobility ecosystem along the development, make, sell and use tiers. These should be towards the development of environmentally friendly, efficient, inclusive and safe mobility solutions.

Beauty and Apparel: Innovators with innovations in cosmetology and textile processing will be earmarked for this award. It will look into innovations in skincare products and hair products for cosmetics as well as fabric and thread production, fabric recycling, textile production technology and value addition for existing raw materials.

Digital Economy: The digital economy awards will be given to innovators who demonstrate high aptitudes in designing information and communication technologies and applications that ease transmission and knowledge dissemination.

Agro-security: This award will value innovations in agro processing, agribusiness, soil conservation, agriculture technologies, food preservation and safety applications among others. An Innovator with practical models, devices and applications adding value to food propagation, value addition and food conservation will be awarded.

Women Innovators Award: This award will go to a seasoned woman innovator. They should have registered at least a patent and at least have a product on the market.

STI Science Ambassador: This award will recognize the most outstanding scientist in Uganda for their contribution to science innovation and technology. They should have registered at least 5 patents and at least have a product on the market.

Objectives of the Award

§  To recognize outstanding innovators and innovations

§  To earmark innovations for scaling up and commercialization purposes

§  To create visibility of Ugandan capabilities in technology development and innovation

§  To inspire Ugandans especially youth into technology development and innovation


The awards will be;

Cash prizes that will be tagged to efforts to support the innovators to improve their prototypes, register their innovations/ patents, support them with incubation, and commercialise their products.

Practical 3-6 months technical training to improve the innovators’ skills be given in the form of incentives to upgrade the capabilities of the innovators. A practical approach will be employed that should offer measurable outcomes.

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