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Security Minister Jim Muhwezi Laughs at Opposition Over Collapsed Censure Motion

Security minister, Maj Gen Jim Katugugu Muhwezi has scoffed at the opposition MPs after failing to secure enough signatures to push through a censure motion against him. Muhwezi said he was happy that only 88 MPs out of the required 176 of the 529 MPs in 11th parliament signed the censure motion.

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party enjoys majority numbers with 336 MPs while the opposition constitutes 109.  Opposition MPs started seeking signatures for the motion to censure Muhwezi on February 10.

They had sought to censure Muhwezi for allegedly abdicating responsibility in the face of torture of Ugandans by security officers, detention without trial, and missing persons. However, the move collapsed after the opposition legislators failed to raise the necessary signatures.

While representing Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja during the thanksgiving ceremony of former minister for regional affairs Philemon Mateke to celebrate 55 years he spent serving Uganda government at Nyakabingo church of Uganda in Chahi sub-county, Kisoro district, Muhwezi said the move to censure him was dead, wild, and meaningless.

Muhwezi strongly hailed NRM MPs especially from western Uganda for declining to sign the motion seeking to censure him out of the security ministry. Muhwezi who is also the Rujumbura county MP in Rukungiri district explained that opposition legislators are only fighting him and his ministry so that they gain political sympathy. He said that he was very happy when many MPs cooperated and refused to sign the censure motion. He describes the motion as wind and dead.

“I will reward all the MPs who refused to sign the censure motion by attending public functions in their constituencies in a big way whenever I am invited. Two hands wash each other, the hands that give are the hands that receive,” said Muhwezi.

In a speech that was read for her by Muhwezi, Nabbanja hailed Mateke for his committed service to the nation for 55 years a thing that has kept him an outstanding figure in Uganda’s historical and present achievements. 

During the function, Shs 130 million was collected towards the roofing of Nyakabingo Church of Uganda. The roofing needs Shs 233 million.



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