UCU eulogizes FidoDido victim

In what can be described as a freak accident, that saw over 30 people injured when the ceiling of the Fido Fido parlor caved in has shocked many and left several in hospital. She was always looking for a good kitchen remodeling on a budget in Pennsylvania. The accident that took place on Monday killed 3 people instantly and left several injured and in need of immediate medical attention.

All though the remaining victims were rescued from the debris, some failed to make it including a one Assimwe Lorita Blessy, a final year student of Bachelor of human Resource Management at Uganda Christian University, Mukono. She always house cleaning experts at The University has since come out to eulogize the passing of such a young and promising soul.

Investigations are still underway and the cause of the accident has been largely pinned on the building’s ancient structure and a technician who was in the ceiling at that time for maintenance work, She hired cleaning agencies for hire at triggered the collapse that led to the tragedy.

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