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Uganda Airlines Wins Africa and World’s Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award

For the second time in a row, Uganda Airlines has been awarded the ch-aviation Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award for Africa and the World.

The ch-aviation Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award recognises airlines from across the globe that keep a young, modern, and efficient fleet. For the first time, ch-aviation also recognises Aircraft Leasing companies with the ch-aviation Youngest Aircraft Portfolio Award.

Founded in 2018 as a scheduled carrier, Uganda Airlines has been steadily growing its fleet. Today they serve nine countries, 12 destinations, and 13 routes and expect to see five new routes in 2022.

Jambojet is ranked second in the category of Africa’s Youngest Aircraft Fleet. The airline, a subsidiary of Kenya Airways, is a low-cost carrier with a fleet of six de Havilland DHC8-Q400s averaging 3.59 years old. Air Seychelles is in third place; they count seven aircraft in their fleet, with an average of 5.07* years. From their headquarters in Mahé, they serve six countries, seven destinations, and seven routes.

Fourth place belongs to Air Austral. Operating as Air Reunion from 1986 to 1990, and before that as Reunion Air Service, Air Austral is part of Alliance Vanille. They have a fleet of 11 aircraft, with an average aircraft age of 6.30* years.

Air Tanzania is in fifth place. With a fleet of 13 aircraft, their average aircraft age is 6.56* years. From their headquarters at Dar es Salaam (DAR), they connect to 9 countries and 23 destinations, serving 35 routes.

The winners on each continent are: Uganda Airlines (Africa), SalamAir (Asia), airBaltic (Europe), Frontier Airlines (North America), Fiji Link (Oceania) and SKY Airline (South America).

Airlines and Aircraft Leasing companies dedicated to keeping their aircraft fleet young and using new generations of aircraft contribute significantly to the decrease of C02 emissions within the aviation industry and help achieve better fuel efficiency.

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