Ugandans Skeptical about Covid-19 Vaccine.

The official launch of the Covid-19 vaccination took place yesterday at the Mulago Specialized Women and Neonatal Hospital where a select number of Ugandans were given the newly acquired Covid vaccine. Among those to receive the vaccine where Honorable Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero and popular News anchor, Canary Mugume.

The Ugandans selected to receive the first batch of vaccines mainly entailed first responders to the covid-19 outbreak particularly health workers as well the media fraternity. Earlier this year the government of Uganda ordered for the purchase of 18million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine that was sold at $7 per dose.

The AstraZeneca Vaccine is just one a few vaccines that were discovered recently in a desperate search for a covid-19 cure. Nonetheless many Ugandans at large still remain skeptical about vaccinating themselves against the deadly virus despite reassurance and approval from the Minister and her team of the vaccines safety.

‘The vaccine is safe and protective against severe forms of disease and death.’-Hon. Ruth Aceng

Thoroughly tested and tried, the vaccines have proven effective in defeating the corona virus but scientific recommendations have not been enough to convince Ugandans to take the vaccine. The skepticism, mainly fueled by rumors and the fear of the unknown have proved detrimental to the progress of the fight against Covid-19.

Photo Journalist Nicholas Bamulanzeki after recieveing the vaccine.

‘We are not sure what is in it, why send it to Africa when they are worse off in Europe?’ asked one Moses Sekyito while others believe that the vaccine alters their DNA or even worse, gives them HIV.

Furthermore, in videos that surfaced on the internet last night, a pensive Ruth Aceng can be seen grimacing as she receives the vaccine from a ‘non inserted, syringe in a gimmick to mislead the masses. The Minister has since come out to refute these claims; urging Ugandans to desist from de-campaigning the vaccine but instead urged them to join in the fight against the disease.

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