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UPDF officer arrested with 23kgs of Ivory.

In the latest news coming in from The Uganda Wildlife crime unit, a Uganda People’s Defense Force soldier has been arrested in possession of 23 kilograms of Ivory in Kasese town where he was trying to sell it.

The suspect who goes by the names of Lieutenant Ssekaja Haruna, was captured yesterday as he was trying to sell the illegal items inconspicuously but luckily for UWA the Kasese Police Unit helped in tracking down the soldier and arresting him red handed.

Lt. Haruna is one of the several culprits being rounded up across the Nation in a bid to fight against illegal wildlife poaching that has left many animals on the brink of extinction. The UPDF is yet to make a statement on the arrest of one of their own in connection to the sale of illegal items of wildlife species.

 Despite efforts by governments and individuals to reduce the high levels of poaching, efforts have proven futile as the prices for such items like ivory can fetch up to $2000(shs 7,000,000) per kilogram.

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