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What you didn’t know about The Royal Feud.

In a shocking tell-all interview that was aired on the eve of Women’s Day, Royal Couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of Sussex sat down with media magnate Oprah Winfrey where they shared in intimate detail, some of the hardships they had to endure in the Royal family.

Despite the glamour and glitz that accompany many a fairy tale wedding, the Sussexes have revealed that not all the glitters is Gold in a tell-all interview that rocked the world and Buckingham Palace alike. Although millions watched the interview online, many tell-tale signs and insights were missed by viewers due to the utter shock of such a daring feat.

Here are few things you might have missed in the Harry and Meghan interview: earlier on it was revealed that Meghan Markle didn’t receive the standing ovation that she was accustomed to in the hills of Hollywood. On the contrary the new Duchess was met with the old, archaic indifference of the snobbish monarchy. Forcing her to figure out and learn the spoken and unspoken protocols and rules that dictated the life of a royal.

Despite having her husband at her side the whole time, Princess Markle, faced with a lot of criticisms and backlash, suffered from depression to the point that she even contemplated suicide and couldn’t be left alone.

Although names were withheld, it was also revealed that some senior members of the royal family were concerned about the color of Archie’s skin due to his mother’s black genes that she inherits from her mother. This also gave us a glimpse into the discriminatory nature of the Royal family and its colonial history.

The Royal family refused to help Meghan Markle as she tried to adjust to the new life as royal, without so little as second training she was left to figure it out herself, perhaps in the hopes that she would make a mess of things . It was infact, Sarah Ferguson who taught Markle how to curtsy in addition to the little research she did herself.

Her battle with the tabloids and false rumors, particularly in the Daily Mail was completely ignored by the palace but were willing to protect Prince Andrew who is under investigations for pedophilia and sexual misconduct with minors.

The couple, who claimed they had no intention of besmirching the royal family addressed rumors that insinuated a rivalry between Royal wives Markle and Kate Middleton. Markle said that although the two got off on the wrong foot, the latter was quick to apologize and rectify the situation. She even spoke highly of the Queen Elizabeth II and sharing a blanket with her.  

After she suffered a miscarriage, Prince Harry took it upon himself to protect his family and avoid history repeating itself and risk losing his family like he did his mother, Princess Diana. This prompted the Prince to also use his mother’s inheritance to move his family to Canada and away from the Royal Family.

Due to the nature of their break-up, the Royal family would not provide any security for the Sussexes and this forced Harry to dish out a whopping $4million (shs 14.8 billion) a year for his family’s security.

A number of Princess Diana’s friends helped the couple relocate and set up a new life including some well wishers like Tyler Perry, who offered them a house for safe refuge.

The Queen of England is yet to address any of the allegations in the Oprah interview, however a statement released by Buckingham palace said it would investigate the matters under which Meghan Markle mistreated the Royal staff.

Little was known about the Royal family behind it’s closed doors until the untimely death of Princess Diana, this forced many to question the authenticity of the Royal family and what it really represented. Some believe that it is an outdated institution that needs to be left in the past.

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